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Wanted Pirates

Crew Info

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Crew Info

Post by ●Sebastian● on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:25 am

The Rising Shadows Information

Crew Members

Captain: Xinroki C. Amazi

First Mate: Zarakii

Gunner: Unfilled

Cook: Unfilled

Crew Rules

Rule 1) Obay your higher ups.

Rule 2) Do not take a job and leave it uncomplete otherwise you will be removed from the crew and shamed.

Rule 3) Act up and you will be removed.

Rule 4) Break any of these rules and I will break your head open.

Crew Description

The Rising Shadows is a Bounty Hunter based Crew. Either get the job done or don't return to the crew. We are looking for brave people that don't run from the site of blood and danger. We are looking for strong people that can get the job done no matter what it takes. And we are looking for smart people that think before they act. If you have one or more of these traites, then welcome aboard.

Do not post on this thread! If you wish to join the Rising Shadows then go to the Crew Sign-Up Thread. Thank you.
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