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Post by SwordBitter on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:00 pm

Want to get a board(sub forum) for your pirate crew? You need not look any further. Please fill out the form below containing all the information that I will need in order to get one up for you. Please also read the RULE about crews beforehand.

30 posts are required from the Captain before requesting a board as well as a second crew member!


[b]Crew Name:[/b]
[b]Captain Name:[/b]
[b]Second Crew Member:[/b] (required)
[b]Position:[/b] (good, neutral, evil)
[b]Area Of Expertise:[/b] (pirate, bounty hunter, other)
[b]For Hire: [/b](if so, what sort of bounties do you go after? high or low?)
[b]Brief Description of your Crew:[/b] (this will be what the board description is so make it [b]short, sweet, and to the point[/b] to attract members to your crew. be sure to specify what type of crew member you need.)
Theme Song: (optional)

After you will add the following threads:

1 Basic Crew Info: (set up a display with all your crew information, crew members and positions, etc however you want it to look. this thread will be stickied and should be marked by you as unrepliable.)

2 Sign Up: (a sign up thread dedicated only for members to ask for a position on your crew. you can discuss things with these members, accept or decline the, etc).

Crew Sign Up 2hmh45s

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