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Banned Devil Fruit

Post by Haris on Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:29 pm

Revamped, Supercharged and All out Super-sized Updated List!

I have gathered these fruits from other boards that they are usually asked to approve, so to keep the time safe i m just declaring these fuits BANNED !

You are all Required to Read this Thread BEFORE creating a Original Devil Fruit, I cannot stress this Enough. It saves you time, it saves me time and most of all, prevents you from looking foolish. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Once again i find myself Revamping this Page. And as such i must Remind all users, be they moderators, Admin or Regular, to read this before creating an Original Devils Fruit. It saves time for not just me and the fellow Moderators, but for you Fruit Creating Masses. As the Resident Devil Fruit Moderator i should lay down some ground rules. In other words, the fruits that will never be accepted on this forum. There are no Exceptions to the rules, Even we, the Masters of the Forum must Obey these Commandments Commandments. People who complain about these rules are of course free to do so, but please respect the Moderators and Admin.

Gravity Fruits

A Common and Quite simple type of Devil Fruit, not so easily explained however. A Type of fruit that allows the Consumer / User to Manipulate the gravity around an object or person. This kind of Fruit can Easily be Confused with current Devil Fruits, such as the Kilo Kilo No mi, Eaten by Miss Valentine, which allowed her to change her weight and glide with the use of her Umbrella, faking the illusion of free form flight. However, Manipulating Gravity covers a Wide Range of powers. Listed Below are the most Common, from most frowned upon to Least in Descending Order.

Telekinesis - Hard to spell, even harder to Master. A phrase that i know all to well. For those who don't know what Telekinesis means, Telekinesis allows the user to move objects with the mind. Or in this case, the powers of the Fruit. To be Perfectly Clear, moving an object without touching it is not allowed. Reason being, Power play potential. Too many times I've had to break up Arguments that arise from this situation. To be More technical about the subject.

Flying - The Ability to Fly, without wings. This is pretty much self explanatory in itself. Miss Valentine for the record did not fly at all, she glided with the help of her Umbrella, i ask you all not to use this as an example to refute the rule your reading currently. This Includes flying types such as the Ki Flying version (Dragon ball). Flying by the use of Gravity altering powers will not be allowed. Unless your a bird, or you have Wings, you will not be able to fly like this. Your Not a superhero, your a person like the rest of us. I would give you all the long winded speech (Pun Fun), but something tells me you all understand. And i hope you all do, as this should not need to be Explained.


Cloning Fruits]
This Particular Fruit type is one of my Pet hates, it pops up more often than spots on a teenagers face. The power to clone ones self, or to make copies of ones self for any reason. To end this problem, i shall blow it to Pieces, One pieces (Oh how i love Puns), with a simple fact of life. In order to split yourself into two, three or however many copies of yourself you wish to create, it would require you to Divide EVERYTHING about you. For example, it would mean splitting the cells in your body, the neurons, synaptic pathways, even the very atoms that make up your body. Which if you remember your science from school, or for some of you, the tops of cereal boxes, splitting an Atom results in a Rather large and deadly Explosion that would kill you, and everyone in the Area. Dead. That last bit Irradiates the idea of Cloning, unless i see it in one piece itself, its not going to work.


Mind Control / Reading
This Fruit is by far the most commonly tried for and disapproved out of all the types listed in this topic. In all honesty this fruit type is also the hardest to pass judgment over, as some traits have been seen in the world of One Piece Multiple times. An Example would be Penora's Ghosts that cause an opponent to act depressed when struck by one, or Miss Goldenweeks power to control Luffy with Marks made of paint. Though Goldenweek herself has no Devils Fruit, its complicated. Manipulation of the mind includes but is not limited to, changing the thoughts, actions, emotions, fears, movement and intelligence of the ones under its effect. As you can well Imagine this kind of power can be rather tricky to keep under check, as a great deal of powers result in some form of Mental Manipulation. Powers such as this also present a great deal of Power playing problems, with members arguing on how their opponents do this and / or know their moves before they do them themselves. Power playing arguments are something that everyone hates, even me as Mild Mannered as i am. As a result i have decided to Create a Two small Guideline rules. A select few that should help to keep this kind of Fruit under a little control.

* Mind control in the typical sense is not Allowed. No forcing members to undergo Actions they would never do themselves, no controlling the other members character
* Emotional effects are permitted, but the use of said powers must be approved by the Staff and the member who's character your attempting to use the power on


Time Travel
The ability to travel forwards and / or backwards though Time itself. This Fruit also includes powers such as Freezing, speeding up and slowing down time, be it in a contained zone or the world itself. The Noro Noro Beam has been used as an Example of Usable time Manipulation. However, the power Foxy has is to slow the physical movement of an object, not the time around the object and or person. Again the Noro Noro no Mi is a hard fruit to describe, but its off limits for a reason. In short, the Manipulation of the Time space Continuum is not allowed. As altering the past could change the future in ways you couldn't possibly understand. Back to 1979 Marty!!


This Fruit is Easily Explained, but hard to keep under wraps. Teleportation means moving from one place to another instantly, with no physical movement required. However, some characters in the world of one piece have been perceived to do this. In fact they move faster than the human eye can typically track, giving the illusion of Transporting themselves. Movement of this type included Soru, made Famous by CP9 and Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates. Whereas this kind of movement is not Banned, it is usually frowned upon due to the characters that use them have undergone countless training to use such movement. Instantaneous Transportation of ones self from one area to the next, or Transporting another object or person (A Cannon Ability by the way), will not be accepted.


Copy Cat Fruits
Devils Fruit that allow the user to copy the powers / physical motions of their respected Targets. I call these Fruits "Sharinggan Copies". A Naruto Reference that is quite Valid in this case. Fruit like these are easily dismissed on two grounds. The First, Power play arguments. Characters with Fruits like these Tend to Avoid any and all attacks thrown at them, or reverse all the attacks back on the attacker. Again, and Again, and Again. Needless to say this can be extremely frustrating to the Victim of such powers. The SECOND reason, this types of Fruits do not fall under any of the established rules. They do not alter ones Body, they do not allow the user to transform into an animal of some kind, and they do not enable the user to transform into an element or other substance like the Logia type. In short, Banned.


Wind Logia
Whereas Logia types allow the user to Transform, Manipulate and create their respected substance or Element, Wind Logia are off limits. A problem i have seen is the Wind Logia being Mistaken for a Cannon Fruit used my Dragon in Rougetown early in the one piece series. As far as i am aware, this has not been proven and as such, wont be allowed until im sure he either possesses it or not. Also the Wind Logia would make the user invulnerable as it would have no physical or Elemental weakness of any kind. So again, Banned.

No fruits that make you invisible, for fairly obvious reasons. This also includes fruits that make you run so fast that you become impossible to see. It's the same thing, just worded to fit your needs. Either way you look at it, and any other way as well to be honest, if I can't see you, your fruit is banned.


The idea in it of itself is pretty broken. Thus it is not allowed and nor will it ever be. I don't think I need to really explain this one.

I shall Edit all this as i learn more about them all. So watch this Space. Pm me for more information or check your local Library.

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