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Devil Fruit Rules and Template for customs only

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Devil Fruit Rules and Template for customs only

Post by Haris on Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:38 pm

In order to have a character who has eaten or has a hold of a devil fruit and its powers, you must first fill out the template provided below and be approved by staff. Since only one fruit of each kind are available in the One Piece universe all the fruits controlled by canon characters are available. Later on if this forum is very active there might be Devil Fruit checks to make sure members that control them are still active.

You do not have to provide abilities in the template if you have not created a character yet since you can fill out those fields when you post the profile. If your character has already been created, you must fill this field out to be accepted.

A Devil Fruit most fit one of these three types:

Logia - With these fruits, the user may actually become a natural element. They are neither totally human nor element in their default state. Logia users can turn completely into their element if they want to. This is often used for crossing great distances fast, or avoiding blows should their weakness be discovered.

Zoan - Allows the user to transform into an animal. This fruit provides three forms: the user's natural form, a full animal form, and a hybrid form, combining both original and animal form into an odd bipedal form (usually in a bizarre way where the size is greatly exaggerated). The only hybrid forms that are not bipedal is the Hebi Hebi no Mi series.

Paramecia - The most common of the Devil Fruits types. These affect the eater's body in some way, in the case of Luffy his entire body became Rubber. Paramecia fruits can be divided into several subcategories, as it is impossible to generalize the powers. For instance, Gomu Gomu no Mi and Yomi Yomi no Mi have powers that are active at all times. Others like Noro Noro no Mi and Hana Hana no Mi have powers that need self activation in order for them to use their abilities. They however all seem to come in two basic types. Whatever powers a paramecia fruit gives, it is based on the concept of either a characteristic like slipperiness or slowness, or an object like a bomb or a door.


-The Devil Fruit must not fit into any of the banned Devil Fruit categories.

-The Devil Fruit must meet one of the three types of Devil Fruit listed above and not be a mixture of two or more.

-The Devil Fruit user CANNOT swim after consuming the fruit. They will be a hammer from then on. No exceptions.

-Devil Fruit's MUST have some sort of weakness other than the inability to swim.

-Only 4 Devil Fruits allowed on the forum and each one must be of a different type. The exception are ones earned in events. All of those will be mysteries the staff decide on prior and won't be revealed to the member until eaten.

-Devil Fruits won on the forum through events, etc must still have a template posted up just for convenience sake.

If ur character posses a canon fruit u dont have to submit ur DF, this template is jus for custom DF

Name of Devil Fruit: [/b](must be repetitive like: Gumu Gumu no Mi)
[b]Type of Devil Fruit:[/b]
[b]Devil Fruit Appearance:[/b] (what does your fruit look like or what did it look like before it was eaten? be detailed. at least 50 words!)
[b]What character is this fruit for?:[/b]
[b]Has your character already been created and accepted?:[/b]
[b]How your character came to possess the fruit:[/b] (must fill this portion out! no exceptions.)
[b]Ability Description:[/b] (describe exactly what is granted to the character thanks to the Devil Fruit as far as what it does exactly. for instance, Luffy can stretch his body like rubber, etc.)
[b]Abilities given by the fruit:[/b] (must have a name such as Gumu Gumu no Bazooka, etc. you must fill this out. no exceptions. abilities must meet with logic of the One Piece world as well as the forum rules. no god-modding here!)
[b]Weakness:[/b] (what weakness besides falling into the sea does this fruit have? everyone has one so don't be shy about this.)

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