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Explanation of Fame and Rank On OPW

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Explanation of Fame and Rank On OPW

Post by Haris on Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:40 pm

Alright this is the Fame System that will work in conjunction of the Class System. This is in place so that while you are a high class character you can still be virtually unknown if you wish to though the chances are slim that this will work unless you are very clever. For the most part I think the point of these two systems working together is that they promote the idea that bounty doesn’t equal strength.

Fame System

A pirate’s notoriety will be measured by their "Bounty", or how much their head is worth. A character in topic will determine what your bounty is. However, there is now a new way to boost your bounty as well. To begin with, I'm going to establish the pirate ranks, basically determined by the price on your head. They are as follows:

**Pirate King - Belongs to the person on the site who has the highest bounty (earns the title in a mod approved thread and must be voted by members of OPW).

Scourge of the Sea - 1,000,000 beli (can now be voted for title of Pirate King)
Spotlight Pirate - 800,000 beli (can now be submitted for admission into Yonkou)
Infamous Pirate - 650,000 beli
Conqueror of the Sea- 450,000 beli
Super Rookie - 300,000 beli (can now be submitted for admission into Shichibukai)
Noted Menace - 200,000 beli
Named Rumor - 100,000 beli
Local Rookie - +25,000 beli

As for bounties it's completely up to any and all the Marines (at or above Captain rank) on site. Marines are the only ones issuing bounties for pirates or anyone else for that matter there fore they also have the power to decrease the bounty if they feel that someone is no longer a threat. Those of you that love being in control perhaps it’s a Marine you should be. This means the winner of the fight is determined by a mod or mods and then exp is given out however based on the outcome the Marine society may choose to either increase both persons’ threat level or decrease one or whatever they decide. So…yea that’s that.


Now with Marines I decided to do something a little different because I got an interesting idea. Rather than having the Marines measured by “Fame” which is kind of unnecessary for them since we have the class in place how about we make a scale upon which they are promoted. Naturally the stronger they are the more noted they are going to be regardless of position (ex. Smoker is most likely “B” to “A” class despite being a Commodore and also Garp being “S” class despite being a Vice Admiral)

Now my idea was that rather than just making crews we can have individual promotions based upon the Marine chars hunting down a specific number of pirates of their class or higher. This is enticing for two reasons: one they still earn their Marine paycheck (catching weaker opponents) and then two because it gives them a chance to increase in rank (when dealing with stronger opponents). Note the number on the sides indicate the number of chars that should be in that position. Ones that don’t have numbers can be any number of soldiers.

Here’s how it will go:

(1) Fleet Admiral: (Must have achieved Admiral Requirements must, must be voted in by staff)
(3) Admiral: Must have captured/beaten 3 “S” class pirates (first come, first serve basis. Must accept position)
(18) Vice Admiral: Must have captured/beaten 5 “A” class pirates (first come, first serve)
Rear Admiral: Must have captured/beaten 3 “A” class pirates
Commodore: Must have captured/beaten 2 “B” class pirates
**Captain: Must have captured/beaten 3 “C” class pirates
Lieutenant: Must have captured/beaten 2 “D” class pirate
Ensign: Must have captured/beaten 2 “E” class pirates
Seaman Recruit: This is where you start.

** At this rank it is possible to audition members to join the ranks of CP9. Based upon their decision they can either do a mission (outside of plot) or simply take them out of rank for Rokushiki training. Please note that CP9 members are subject to learning all Rokushiki techniques. This means that there can be other Rokushiki masters outside of the other canons however this only applies to CP9 members.

Eddy- Pirate Captain
Faiz M- First mate


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