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Explanation of Class System for OPW Rping

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Explanation of Class System for OPW Rping

Post by Haris on Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:45 pm

Here is what my intention was as far as using the Experience points towards Character Development. Hopefully we can discuss the value of each of these however I do think that these numbers are pretty reasonable.

Character Development Levels - A Closer Look

Below is a closer look at Character Class Levels. It states how far this person has developed their character as far as the Character’s potential. Of course this means different things for different types of char’s. For instance a person modeled for more intelligent rping will be more capable of complex tactics at C class level than at D class level. A person who is more drawn towards wielding various weapons will have even greater skill as they progress wielding said weapons and naturally those with great Strength in combat will get even better.

o "E" Class Level –0-32 Exp Every Original character that is made starts off here. They have an awareness of any normal citizen and usually are at peace with where they stand in life. Sometimes they yearn for adventure, but for the most part they haven’t gotten to experience too much and are sometimes naïve as what the “level of the sea” may be. Everyone starts here.

o "D" Class Level –33-64 Exp This is the class of those who are beyond that of a normal civilian and have experienced enough in their lives that they are used to potentially dangerous situations. Often times these people are the kind of people that set out on dangerous journeys hoping to learn more about themselves. To become a “D” class character the user must have 100 Experience Points.

o "C" Class Level -65-96 Exp "C" Class characters have learned more, and are more prepared for situations involving danger. These characters are often times heralded as heroes of their local area or as villains, but are nonetheless important in their respective areas. These are the characters that are well prepared for life in the Grand Line. Someone of this class is usually has a strong conviction and has the capability of protecting that conviction. To become "C" Class character the user must have 500 Experience Points

o "B" Class Level -97-128 Exp "B" Class characters have developed even more, and are generally well known for their abilities whether in fighting or their knowledge. "B" Class characters are generally those who have been in many battles or dire situations and have learned more about themselves than the average person. Often times these characters have a hard time accepting defeat at the hands of anyone and strive to become stronger once they do. To become "B" Class character user must have 1,500 Experience Points

o "A" Class Level -129-160 Exp"A" Class characters are powerhouse fighters and usually well known around the world based on their skill. These characters are well in tune with themselves and usually can’t be broken when faced with hard dilemmas choosing the path which they think clearly. Generally their actions are influential ones causing the higher class to act quickly when they do. To become "A" Class character the user must have 3,000 Experience Points

o "S" Class Level -161-192 Exp "S" Class characters are the highest step of development. "S" Class characters are usually the most powerful in their respective fields as they have reached "end game". They have the easiest time in seeing the “broader picture” and have great resources at their disposal. To become "S" Class user must have 5,500 Development Points

Here are just a few examples of Each Class from the Current Point in the Anime (ep.382)

Class “E”: Buggy the Clown; Seaman Recruit Fullbody; Seaman Recruit Jango

Class “D”: Galley La foremen; Shandorians from Skipeia; Dalton from Drum Island

Class “C”: Nami; Usopp; Chopper; Most of CP9 except top 3

Class “B”: Roronoa, Zoro; Sanji; Nico Robin; The 11 Supernovas; Rob Lucci of CP9; Kaku of CP9; Jyabura of CP9

Class “A”: Whitebeard Commanders; Vice Admirals; Shichibukai; Commodore Smoker

Class “S”: Admirals; Sengoku; Garp; Whitebeard; Marco;

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