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Post by Grandpa Gohan on Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:54 pm

Basic Character Information

Name: Gohan
Nickname: N/A
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Marine
Rank (Commendations): Ensign (0)

The Character

Personality: Calm chilled person but has a strong hate for pirates and anyone who dares to hurt a fellow comrade.

Hometown: Fuusha Village
History: Gohan's father was a great Pirate who's name echoed throught the entire ninja world as "Fuusha's White Wolf" because he wore a white wolf mask. A young Gohan who was three would train everyday so he could be as great as his father. Gohan's father's fame led to his downfall as he was decapitated by four pirates in the Grand Line during a fight in a bar, The White Wolf fought valiantly but his efforts were in vain due to him being out numbered. Gohan was still very young so the experience traumatized him dramatically and turned him into a cold person who thought nothing about anyone but himself. Two years later at the age of five Gohan was training when two kids pretending to be pirates tried to ambush him using a wooden sword but Gohan just giggled as he used his speed and agility to overcome the odds and take the two down, Gohan planned to give the final blow by giving a straight attack to the two kids' necks when his hand was stopped by a Pirate named Rayleigh. Gohan then turned his attention to the pirate and attacked him with many various Hand-To-Hand attacks he had seen his father used but all that failed because this pirate was far more skilled than him, Rayleigh tells Gohan that he was a friend of the White Wolf and Gohan's attitude changed and he got much calmer, Hashirama took Gohan for a walk in the ship but that was not just an ordinary walk it was a test of Gohan's skill. Midway through a forest Gohan was attacked by six snakes and Rayleigh retreated to watch the scene, Gohan was not scared at all but instead he attacked them head on and defeated them without a problem, During the battle Rayleigh saw something and that thing was rage in Gohan's eyes so he decided to train him personally before he hurts anyone seriously. The first part of Gohan's training consisted of mediating and anger management, Gohan would have to meditate inside a ring of fire created by Rayleigh.

Three years later and Gohan was a changed person his attitude had changed to the opposite it was, Rayleigh had seen this so he decided to enroll Gohan into a secret pirate academy for young pirates where he would meet new people and learn to work as a team. On Gohan's first day in the pirate academy he was put through a written test that he got 100% on which surprised even the real pirates who marked the paper. After only a few weeks the real pirate thought Gohan was ready to take a practical test against a real pirate, when he was taking the practical he was told to fight a pirate with a bounty and he was told that he didn't have to win but just show his skills but a hasty Gohan thought about nothing but victory so he went out onto the battle field. When Gohan was on the battlefield he awaited his opponent, when his opponent walked onto the battlefield and the match was started Gohan was faced with fierce sword attacks that rushed to him like a bullet, Gohan used his acrobatic movements to dodge the incoming sword attacks and charge towards the pirate, the pirate saw Gohan coming with great speed so he pulled out his secret blade located in his shoe but by the time he pulled it out Gohan whispered in his ear "Too Slow" then gave him a strong punch to the abdomen sending the Chuunin flying into a wall behind him leaving Gohan the victor.

Many years past and Gohan was a great pirate with his own crew. I evening Gohan's crew was attacked by enemy pirates and his friends were killed, Gohan was confused at the fact that a pirate would attack a pirate so Gohan decided to go somewhere where people of the same kind would respect each other so he joined the Marines.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: A strong Hand-To-Hand fighter
Weaponry: He uses steel knuckle dusters that can't be broken by swords.
Beli: 500,000

Devil Fruit Name: N/A
Devil Fruit Type: N/A
Devil Fruit Ability: N/A

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Re: Gohan

Post by SwordBitter on Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:07 pm



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