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Arsalan D Dark

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Arsalan D Dark

Post by zarakii on Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:13 pm

Basic Character Information
Name: Arsalan D Dark
Nickname: Arsi
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Humen
Affiliation: Marine
Rank Fleet Admiral
Profession: Fleet Admiral Navy, World Government

The Character
Personality: mostly a silent person, always give respect to others, always have a positive thinking, sometimes he can be lazy, but always interested in outing and Killing !!! 0_0

Hometown: Grand line
Born in a small village of Grand line, his father was killed by a famous pirate at the age of 1 year(Arsi's age), her mother was very cautious about not to let him near ocean, as he grows up, he start asking about his father from his mother, where is his father, why he don't live us, is he dead or something ???
atlast after ignoring for so many years her mother told him at the age of 16(Arsi's age) tht ur father was killed by a nasty pirate and i never want you to go in oceans,
as he was like eager of everything, knowledge, power and etc,
he start training himself with keeping 1 life time goal tht he has to find his father's murder, and he don't want any more childeren to grow without his father.
he start leaning swords technique, how to use a staff, mastered them and apply for Navy, without telling her mother, when his approval came tht he was selected as a marine, then he let know her mother tht he is going to sail, not jus sail he is going to sail for justice and peace,
well he got her mother's permission,
with tears in her mom's eye he left his island, and start his quest,
he start as a small officer at Marineford after few years he was appointed to the crew of Vice Admiral where he get influenced by the awsome abilities of Vice Admiral, he came to know there is not limit of powers, as they raid on a large pirate crews, (as he was appointed on Vice Admiral crew) he was slowly become a cold person, and he became more eager for more powers,
there he met with Haris who become his good friend, they usually work together, as their personalities and nature were quite same, they both eager for for powers,
one raiding a famous pirate in Alsta, North Blue he found a Devil Fruit, it shaped like pineapple but red blue in colors and having black leaves on the top. he has heard jus the rumors the devil fruits are look like this, as his nature to be eager about everything he ate tht fuit without a second though in his mind.
it was Yami Yami No Mi fruit which gave him the power of manipulating lightening, he also start training in his new powers.
but Haris started to hate him in the jealousy of Arsi's new power,
Haris got Mad and he tried to killed Arsi, tht incident put Arsi in a great shocked, he was so confused and nill tht he couldn't think what should he do,
As Haris was rushing towards him to kill, Arsii jud did nothing but scream with his full strength "stoppppppppppppppp"
A some thing great like a sound wave was released from Arsi's body and knocked Haris down,
then he came to know tht he posses with a king's Haki
Haris was arrested later,
but Arsi got a new lesson for his life we should not be eager so much for something tht eagerness start controlling us,
it brings some changes in his thoughts.

at the age of 30 he was ranked up to Admiral, for his power, abilities, his new thoughts, and for his firm Goal to pbring peace in the World. And at 36 he was elected as Fleet Admiral.

Abilities and Possessions
King's Haki

Combat: close-long
Weaponry: Staff

Devil Fruit Name: Yami Yami No Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Ability: To manipulate Darkness

Black Hole
Description: Blackbeard spreads his darkness over a large area and, much like an actual black hole, swallows up anything he chooses. When swallowed it is subjected to a large amount of gravity and crushed, such as an entire village

Type: Attack
Description:Used following Black Hole. Blackbeard expels all of the destroyed remains of what his darkness has swallowed up at once. This is especially good at demonstrating his power.

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Re: Arsalan D Dark

Post by SwordBitter on Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:03 am



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