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Bencho El Hibiko - The Explosive Master!

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Bencho El Hibiko - The Explosive Master!

Post by ●Sebastian● on Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:07 am

Basic Character Information

Name: Bencho El Hibiko
Nickname: The Explosive Master/Bandit
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Pirate (Mainly bandit but its not a choice)
Bounty: 0
Position: N/A

The Character

Personality: Bencho is a crazy, blood-thirsty man. He will blow up anything if it ment seeing people suffer. He enjoys watching people run in fear, cower in fear, and loves to watch people die a slow and painful death. Hes a thief, a lier, a Master-Mind, and one crazy ass man. His strengths are explosives and trickery. His weakness is pretty much anything that hurts.

Hometown: Elata, South Blue
History: Bencho was born and raised in the town of Elata in the South Blue. His father owned a workshop that made explosives and gun-powder. As he grew up, his father slowly tought him bits and pieces of how to make Explosives and gun-powder. When Bencho was of the age of 13, his father came up with the idea of stuffing puppets with explosives. His father began to sink all his time into making puppets for this. And Bencho was of age that his father thought he could help. After one year of working on the puppets, Bencho's father tested the idea. He filled the puppets with explosives and set them in a house. The only problem, was there was no way to set the explosives off without someone lighting the explosives up-front and close. Bencho's father decided to go in, and light them. Sadly, it went horribly wrong. The explosives went off before Bencho's father could get out. And was killed in the explosion. At the age of 16, Bencho was ligally allowed to take up his father's work. So Bencho began to think of ideas on how to make the explosives go off without having to light them up-front so that way an accident wouldn't happen like it did with his father. After 7 years of research and constient failed ideas, Bencho finally came up with the idea of tying wire to the explosives, and just work the puppets, like normal puppets. After 5 years of design and hard work, the idea finally payed off. Bencho finally came up with the ultimate weapon, that could be both destructive, and save for him to use. He began his own Bandit crew in the town of Elata. After +3 years, him and his crew owned the streets at night. No one dared to try and fight them. Those who did dare to challange him, were either badly hurt, or were never heard from again.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: Bencho fights with tricks, explosives, and taunting. He tries forcing his enemy to attack rashfully so that way he can find an opening to sick his deadly puppets on his enemy.
Items: Bencho carries with him Smoke bombs, Flash bombs, gas bombs, throwing knives, and sticks of TNT.

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit Name: Bomu Bomu No Mi or Bomb Bomb Fruit
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Ability: Allows the user to make any part of his or her body explode with no harm done to the user; this even applies to hair, mucus, and breath. It also makes him or her permanently immune to explosive attacks.


TECHNIQUE NAME Explosive Puppet(s) (1)
Type: Offensive
Range: Extra Long
Stats: N/A
Description: Bencho brings forth one or more of his explosive puppets and can cause massive damage by setting them off.
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