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Post by Grandpa Gohan on Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:22 pm

Weapon name : Isamu
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short/Mid/Long
Stats: N/A
Description: A pair of knuckle dusters that shoot out a huge blast of wind when the user punches like Mihawk's sword but the difference is Mihawk's blast of wind is a sharp as possible for a clean cut, these knuckle dusters shoot out a very blunt blast of wind but still very sharp. The reason it is very blunt is so it can do a lot of destructive damage. If this is used at close range the victim is likely to die from the force of the wind damaging every organ in the body. The knuckle dusters are also indestructible.

Remove the '' very sharp '' part, as in this is not a sword, make it short-mid range too.
and add in , the victim will likely die if he/she got a direct if not it will only cause serious damage.
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