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Wanted Pirates

Chase F. Armatige (marine)

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Chase F. Armatige (marine)

Post by Magma Lord on Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:04 am

Basic Character Information

Name:Chase F. Armatige
Nickname: Chaser
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Marine
Rank (Commendations): 0
Profession: Hunting and killing pirates
Position: Captain

The Character

Personality: Chase never gives up. Ever. one he is assigned a mission he continues until it is done no matter the risks. He takes no shit from anyone. Even his superiors.
And he does not care if his comrades die.

Hometown: NONE (was raised on a ship)
History: Chase's father and mother were both pirates, and Chase was born on their ship, and grew up with the pirate crew. His father had the Doku Doku no mi and thus the crew was called the poison tooth pirates. One day the crew was attacked by another group of pirates, and Chase's father and mother were both killed, along with all his friends. He managed to escape into the sea and floated on a piece of wood for two days and two nights. He was then picked up by a marine ship which were hunting his parents killers. He told them the direction the pirates went, pretending to be a victim of a destroyed merchant ship. The marine's caught up to the pirates and decimated them. Chase looked on in complete joy as he felt the feeling of completing a mission for the first time. He felt he had avenged his parents death. He then found a new love for marines and decided to join them, hoping for another taste of the accomplishment he had felt that day. The marines allowed him to join as a recruit and he worked hard on his hand to hand combat and his battle skill until he was 16. He then joined a crew and went out on his first mission to hunt pirates and returned successfully. Life continued this way until he was 25. When he was on a mission him and his crew found a devil fruit bobbing in the water. They fished it out and started arguing over whose it should be. Chase, wanting more power, destroyed his emotions and murdered his entire crew to gain possession of the fruit. He ate it and then cut himself all over so when he returned to marine HQ they believed his story of the crew getting defeated and him being the sole survivor.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: Chase is ruthless in combat, and never leaves his victims alive, hunting them down to the ends of the earth. He possesses incredible physical strength and speed, which he can boost, by using his Horu Horu fruit. He is learned in all martial arts and has honed his skills to perfection. He is a huge asset on a battle ground as he can boost his comrades adrenaline, making them fight longer and harder.
Weaponry: a sword he uses to cut off the heads of his victims so he can claim the bounty.
Items: None
Beli: 500,000

Devil Fruit Name: Horu Horu No Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Ability: Chase can control and create hormones, meaning he can change anything to do with the human body

I will add custom techniques when approved
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Re: Chase F. Armatige (marine)

Post by SwordBitter on Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:10 am


Submit your custom technique in the custom approval section.


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