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Wanted Pirates

Hajime S. Saitou

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Hajime S. Saitou

Post by SwordBitter on Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:32 pm

Basic Character Information

Name: Hajme S. Saitou
Nickname: Silent S
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Pirate
Bounty: N/A.
Profession: Speed, Sword, Eye Sight, Haki
Position: Right-hand Man

The Character

Personality: Calm/Wise/Unfriendly(Since he doesn't like to talk), Loyal to friend

Hometown: South Blue

Saitou was born in a small-hidden village in '' South Blue '' where this village was most well-known '' The Sword Village '' and everybody in the village uses sword and any kind of sword(as long it is sword) so Saitou start learning basic sword skill from his father, Saitou train himself by challenging people from his village to gain skill and money because his family was very poor but soon enough he manage to be known to all in is village for his sword-skill while one day corrupted marine came to his village rob and steal the village stuff/item/treasure and kill the rest but luckily Saitou manage to run to his family-self-made-cave to hide, the cave have food/water storage that can last 2 year. So he spend 2 year in that cave training his strength, his speed and most importantly his sword skill.

Age of 10 he return to the village, while he found out the village was totally wiped out but he still keep on going around to find food/water storage so lucky him he got into a weapon store and he went back to the storage room of the weapon shop. He actually found a legendary sword which name '' Black Night Rose Sword '' which is the top sword of the world, what more is he found some heavy storage of food and water which can last him for a long long period so he stay in this broken village to train his sword skill and as well as other skill.

At the age about 18 he is good,strong and big enough to set out to the sea so he went around to the village's dock and manage to get a 1-man ship which just nice suit him, he put his food storage up and before he sail off, two marine came to the village wanted to get more treasure/money and caught Saitou is about to sail away but Saitou didn't just run, he went up to him and in a flash he killed them before he sail off. He currently age 20 living in a small town in South Blue. When he pass away half-prepared pirate or marine they will automatically been knocked out and also capable of doing a slightly '' pressure wind '' effect that can do slightly damage onto object/ship therefore this is a sign of Haki but without Saitou knowing.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: Speed , Strength , Agility , Accurate , Eye Sight
Weaponry: '' Black Rose Night Sword '' and two special katakana
Items: -

Devil Fruit Name: Murasaki Kouen Oshi no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Logia
Devil Fruit Ability:

Pressure - This ability is almost same as whitebeard's '' tremor tremor fruit '' , which also able him to create white orb , crack the air causing earth quake effect , grabbing the air to cause people spinning/fly like a tornado and lastly capable of unleashing strong massive shock wave.

Violet Flame - This is a special kind of fire which is in '' Violet '' Color, the burning degree of it is so powerful and strong that it is capable of overcoming the power of fire and even melt down ice.


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