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Murasaki Kouen Oshi no Mi

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Murasaki Kouen Oshi no Mi

Post by SwordBitter on Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:20 pm

Name of Devil Fruit: Murasaki Kouen Oshi no Mi

Type of Devil Fruit: Logia

Devil Fruit Appearance: A big white Diamond Shape with violet color flame on top of it, it is very heavy and shiny while at the bottom of it , it have some scar and some special leaves

What character is this fruit for?: Hajime S. Saitou

Has your character already been created and accepted?: At the same time this is been created

How your character came to possess the fruit: When Saitou fought one of the top swordman of from his village and won the match within 30 second which shocked the whole village so the swordman gave him this fruit as a reward of winning him.

Ability Description: This is a really special fruit which have two kind of power

Pressure(Offensive/Mostly Defensive) - This ability is almost same as whitebeard's '' tremor tremor fruit '' , which also able him to create white orb , crack the air causing earth quake effect , grabbing the air to cause people spinning/fly like a tornado and lastly capable of unleashing strong massive shock wave.

Violet Flame(Mostly Offensive / Defensive) - This is a special kind of fire which is in '' Violet '' Color, the burning degree of it is so powerful and strong that it is capable of overcoming the power of fire and even melt down ice.

Abilities given by the fruit:

1. Murasaki Murasaki Kouen no 1000 punch!
2. Murasaki Murasaki Kouen no Violet Wall
3. Murasaki Murasaki Kouen no Violet Flame Tsunami
4. Oshi Oshi no Ultra Punch
5. Oshi Oshi no Massive Shock Wave Shield

Lava / Wind / Diamond / Water.

Additional Note: This custom devil fruit is fully dropped.

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