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|~ Allen Walker Bio ~|

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|~ Allen Walker Bio ~|

Post by Thadias on Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:00 am

Basic Character Information

Name: Allen Walker
Nickname: Allen the Exorcist
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Marine
Rank (Commendations): 0
Position: Captain

The Character

Personality: Allen is a very kind and generous person. He is nice, caring, and well-mannered, always polite. He is quite close to his friends.
Always thinking of the lives of others before himself, he often puts himself in harm's way for other people's sakes. After his family had abandoned him because of his strange left arm, he lived at a circus where he performed odd jobs for money. His personality was different in his childhood.

Hometown: Unknown
History: Allen was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed "deformity" of his left arm. He was eventually found and adopted by a old man that ran a traveling circus that went from town to town putting on shows for money. Later after he was found, the older man died of an illness that he picked up from one of the towns they passed through.
Struck with grief, Allen found himself lost in the world with no where to turn.
Allen later was forced to join a Gang of Untitled Pirates who were trying to escape the law and many other things that have gotten them in trouble.
During this time, Allen was tormented by the Gang's leaders due to their constant irresponsible behavior and he was forced into various odd jobs to pay off the debts the Gang had come across in many different towns.

In addition to being physically fit and skilled at combat, Allen has a few odd talents and skills. Because of the many debts Allen was forced into paying off, he learned to play cards and gamble at a very young age, though his initial purpose was to practice his paralyzed and deformed left hand. He also learned how to cheat and win through deception and doesn't hesitate to use these tactics whenever necessary. In fact, he is quite proud of his talents. This is a stark contrast to his polite and courteous nature and often surprises his friends, who wouldn't expect such a dark side to Allen, and has caused them to wonder just what the Gang Leaders have done to him.
Allen also possesses circus abilities such as juggling and acrobatics, which he learned from traveling with the old man who was himself a circus clown back in his younger ages.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: Allen uses his strange arm to transform it into a monstrous weapon, giving him range and super-human strength.
Weaponry: Allen has his arm that he can change, then he has a sword that has the ability to summon forth spirits from the dream realm.
Items: Allen carries around an amulet that allows him to temporarily paralyze his Enemy.

Devil Fruit Name: FormForm Fruit
Devil Fruit Type: Zoan
Devil Fruit Ability: Allows Allen to transform his Left arm into a giant robotic looking arm that has super-human strength and great amount of speed.

TECHNIQUE NAME (布防轉型 - Arm Transformation)

Type: Offensive/Defensive
Range: Short - Long
Stats: N/A
Rank: 28
Description: The user can turn his arm into a Monstrous thing and give it super human strength and super strength and on top of that make it as hard as diamonds, allowing the User to defend strong attacks and also cause massive damage if made direct contact to the Target.
Note : Must have the FormForm Fruit.
Note : Must learn this Technique from Allen Walker
Note : Lasts 5 turns.
Note : After the 5 turns has timed out, the User must wait another 3 turns before being able to use this move again.

Approved by Xinroki~

The DF has been approved. Enjoy! Very Happy

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Re: |~ Allen Walker Bio ~|

Post by Haris on Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:29 pm

cool ^^

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