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Post by Link1011 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:48 pm

Basic Character Information

Age: 19
Race: Human
Profession: n/a
Position:first mate

The Character

Personality: Is very serious but likes to play with his cremates. Gets mad easily though.

Hometown: dawn city/east blue
History: Rinku was raised by his grandfather in a small island in north blue, his grandfather was an old retired marine who was a specialist in using spear based techniques. When Rinku was at the age of five he begin studying under his grandfather, his grandfather put Rinku threw some of the harshest training in his life, but the training made him able to withstand more damage and made his speed increase. After thirteen years of training Rinku mastered spear techniques. One day while Rinku was out on the sea training his grandfather was attack by marine soldiers. Rinku arrived back at the island to find a dozen marine soldiers attack his grandfather, not understanding why they were attacking him, Rinku begin killing them left and right. After the last marine was killed he ran to his grandfather and ask why they were attacking him, he told him that he committed a crime against the world government 20 years,rinku asked what the crime was and his grandfather said saving his father from being imprisoned at impel down, just as he finish that sentence a bullet shot threw his grandfathers head and blasted blood all over his face.When Rinku looked behind his grandfather he saw a women with pet animal. But instead of running after them Rinku sat there and cried over his grandfathers body. A few months afer his grandfathers murder he became a pirate hunting down and killing marines and government agents until he finds information on the women who
killed his grandfather and information on who his father was.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: Dosent think what he is about to do next. He fights first and asks questions later.
Weaponry: One golden spear with purple swirls going around the gold.
Items: Spear

Devil Fruit Name: n/a
Devil Fruit Type: n/a
Devil Fruit Ability: n/a

Slash tornado
Type: offense/deffense
Description:by putting his spear up in the air and swirling it slashes will come out of no where and slice and cut people about fifty meters away.

~Approved~ Have fun. Very Happy


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