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Atsukizu Kurorai - Moon Hunter

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Atsukizu Kurorai - Moon Hunter

Post by MoonHunter on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:17 pm

Basic Character Information

Name: Atsukizu Kurorai.
Nickname: ''Moon Hunter'' or just ''Tsuki''.
Age: 20.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Affiliation: Pirate.
Bounty: None yet (0).
Position: Cook/Scholar.

The Character

Personality: She's a quiet woman, who doesn't trust that many people anymore, mostly because of her past. She hates those who are always happy because she's never happy herself, and therefore finds it unbelievably irritating. She always seems to act a little tough and pretends that she doesn't care about anything. She although do care for her friends, even though she doesn't have any anymore, but truly hopes inside herself that she will be able to find friends again, because behind her hard facade, there's a little girl whose late childhood years was robbed from her. She's got a lot of knowledge of the pirate world, and knows what's going on most places. She's able to read poneglyphs, and therefore seeks the True History of the Void Century, but no-one besides her knows she can read it besides her parents (her mother are dead though).
Hometown: Tequila Wolf, East Blue.
History: Tsuki was born in Tequila Wolf by a woman, who were in a relationship with one of the guards. She was raised by two loving parents, but in dangerous surroundings, and therefore she was afraid of going outside. Her mom teached her how to make food and they would often make delicious meals to the guards and other prisoners. Her father were a scholar from Ohara, but he hold that a secret from everyone but his family, and he learned his daughter to read poneglyphs, and got her interested in the history of the Void Century. Tsuki's mom and some other slaves demonstrated and didn't want to work anymore, with Tsuki's mom in the lead of the demonstration. Tsuki's dad and a few other guards gave weapons to them and helped them fight against the other guards and higher-ups, but it ended with the guards winning, killing almost all of the slaves. Tsuki was 10 years at this time, and when she woke up that morning, she knew that something had happened. Her mom was dead, but her father survived and sent Tsuki away with some revolutionaries, staying behind himself. Tsuki became distant and created a space between her and others. As a part of the revolutionaries group, she got across many obstacles along with the rest of the group, but she always managed to stay in the background so she never got a bounty. They once found a devil fruit, which was eaten by Tsuki. Nobody wanted not to have the inability to swim besides her. She got the name ''Moon Hunter'' by her friends in the army due to the fact that she only fought when it was night, and refused to do so when it was day. When she turned 15 the revolutionaries encountered a big pirate crew called ''The Sleeping Mohawks''. They killed everyone on the ship besides Tsuki cause they felt she could be of use for them, as she can read poneglyphs. She finally managed to trick them into a marine trap at the age of 18, and after that she returned to her home country, Tequila Wolf, where a lot of new people now worked, and along with them her father. She swore to herself than one day she would free them all, but knew that she couldn't take on lots of guards all by herself. Time passed and when she turned 20 she made a promise to herself that she would find loyal friends and get help from them to free the Tequila Wolf slaves, and besides that, she wanted to find out more about the poneglyphs.

Abilities and Possessions

Combat: She doesn't care about her enemies at all and could kill if necessary. She's quick and very agile, and therefore she's good at dodging attacks. She's also quite powerful.
Weaponry: ''Goodnight Sisters'' (The two knives/swords she's holding on the picture at the top). She uses them to attack and they hold tremendous powers, and she got them from her best friend from the revolutionary army, Torino. Every time she holds them and uses them she thinks of Torino and the others of the army and feels like she gets power from them.
Items: None.

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit Name: Hana Hana no Mi.
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia.
Devil Fruit Ability: The Hana Hana no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to replicate and sprout pieces of their body multiple times from the surface of any object or living thing.


(Um, is it okay if I just use the names and techniques Robin uses in the series? Or? o: Anyhow I think I will add some techniques later on, but need to think a little more about them)

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Re: Atsukizu Kurorai - Moon Hunter

Post by SwordBitter on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:47 pm

as for the technique, i will make them but due to there so many type of devil fruit in one piece world i only completed making cannon technique list for logia.

it is okay that your bio doesn't have any technique, you still can make out new custom technique for your devil fruit ability but of course, by using different name.

but if want, you can help me out by doing a list of devil fruit cannon's technique for all Paramecia fruit technique and send it to me via pm, i will set the rank(but if you willing, you have to follow the step like how i did for the current cannon technique , take a look here :



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