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OPW: One Piece RPG Rules

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OPW: One Piece RPG Rules

Post by Haris on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:25 pm

At anytime these rules are subject to change, so please make sure to check back now and then to make sure everything is the same.

In order to begin role playing on the forum, members are required to create a character first by filling out the character template and posting it in the appropriate board on the forum with all of the fields fill out. Member must then wait to be accepted before beginning their adventure on the 4 blues. All characters MUST connect with the One Piece universe and have no connections with canon characters in their history. We do not want a million long lost Luffy brothers or anything of the sort. Be original and creative. Also, roleplaying in 1st person is not allowed. Please only use 3rd person. Please and thank you! Also, no other characters from other movies/shows/anime's are allowed. Orginal characters must be of a unique design!

Devil Fruits: To obtain one a member should need to finish any one mission to unlock the Devil Fruit, once he finished the mission he can chose a DF or create his own. Once a character has a Devil Fruit and has been rp'd using that Devil Fruit, it CANNOT be changed. That Devil Fruit is now a part of the person. So use caution when choosing a fruit for a character! Adoptions will also not take place anymore.

Haki: The Haki ability is very rare, if some one has included this ability in his character, he has to fight with one staff member, if the staff member feel him worthy then he can allow to have Haki. But he has to learn and master the haki from a staff member, clickto See details

Rokushiki: No one may start off knowing Rokushiki techniques. Instead they must learn them by NPCs that are controlled by staff members. Reward though that some Rokushiki techniques are only taught by ex-Marines and they might not be willing to teach pirates at all.

Everything you need to know about Traveling on the Grand Line is located in this thread

Day Rule: Try to wait at least three days for another member to post before skipping unless you make the members all aware in the thread that you won't be taking normal turns.

God-Moding: No god-moding will be tolerated on the forum. This means controlling another member's characters in anyway without their permission. If you break this rule you will be issued a warning. This also means that you can't just decide that your character wins in every situation. Be fair and respectful to the other members and make battles more realistic. This will ensure that everyone has fun on the forum!

Profanity: A lot of words are already censored on the forum though not all. Please refrain from using curse words as much as possible, especially if it bothers someone else.

No Flaming (or anything else disrespectful): Please be courteous to the other members on the forum. If you have a problem with someone else on here please notify a staff member right away so that they can handle the situation. Members that break this rule with be warned.

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